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TimeTrax: A Replacement for the built-in Dates Application

German users voted TimeTrax as the Package of the year 1998!

In a review in Newton Lifestyle (in German), TimeTrax got 5 of 5 Points.

Program Description

Have you ever been disappointed in the original Dates Application of the Newton? Its speed is not as fast as it could be - especially if you have stored a lot of appointments. The overview you get from the built-in Dates App. is improvable. This is the time you should think of TimeTrax! The purpose of TimeTrax is to give you clear overviews for the Day/Week/Month as quickly as possible.

[DayView] The TimeTrax day view shows the appointments like the internal Dates App. BUT ADDITIONALLY, you can see your To Dos scheduled for this day on the lower half of the screen. The events of that day are displayed in the upper left corner.

The event entries have an associated symbol defining which sort of event it is (event, birthday, holiday...). If there is enough space, these entries are displayed with multiple lines (if needed).

The bar on the left side of the meeting entries shows the time range of each meeting. Collisions between 2 meetings are displayed as seen in the picture. If a meeting has an associated alarm, a small alarm bell is displayed. One example meeting in the picture has an associated note which is displayed below the meeting text.

It is possible to categorize your To Dos for an clearer overview. The All tab allows you to display all of your To Dos ranked by priority:

To Do Line

Folder Tabs One essential goal of our design was to enable switching between different views with only one tap. We were able to realize this by introducing the folder tabs.

TimeTrax has two different folder tabs: View Selection Tabs and the To Do Category Tabs. Only one tap is necessary to go to a specific view. This makes TimeTrax almost as simple to use as a paper planner. If you have chosen to categorize your To Dos with TimeTrax, one tap is enough to switch between categories. And it does not take several seconds, it manages to switch categories in 100-500ms (depending on MP and amount of to dos).

Please look at the screen shots collection for Week and Month Views.


Manual (PDF-Format)

You can have a look at the TimeTrax manual before downloading. It is also part of each package archive (.zip or .hqx) you can get from the download area.

TimeTrax Download Area

Donwload your free demo version of TimeTrax. The demo version allows you to test and evaluate TimeTrax for 30 days. After that you can turn your demo version into a full version by registering for a low one time fee.

Notice: TimeTrax can only be used with Newtons having OS2.0 or higher

Please read the License Agreement before installing the software on your Newton. You can also find it in the file license.txt located in the archive you download.

Please remove TimeTrax itself and the TT-Printing-Module before installing a new version.
If you have not installed AlarmPak, please do not install the APExtension-Package!!

Win/PC-Version MAC-Version Package-File Package-File
English Versions 1.1c (final) 1.1c (final) TimeTrax
1.1c (final)
1.1c (final)
German Versions 1.1c (final) 1.1c (final) TimeTrax
1.1c (final)
1.1c (final)

Please report Bugs and/or Whishes to Stephan Reitzner (timetrax@config.de)

Version Information

Version 1.1c

Version 1.1b

Version 1.1

Change information on previous versions

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