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FixTrax 1.0 for NOS 2.0 (MP120/130)

This small extension (2Kb) is for all MP120/MP130 Users, who suffer from the problem, that the Newton switches off immediately after switching it on. This sometimes repeates up to 10 times so that switching on the Newton can be a real pain.

This seems to be an error in NOS 2.0 (2.1 devices don't suffer from this problem) and it occurs if an application does some memory intensive things directly before power off or directly after power on. There is NOT a corrupted package installed which induces this error. This really seems to be an OS problem.

Config has written a very simple fix for this problem: The Newton is not allowed to switch off within 3 Seconds from the power on. This fix is running on several MP120 now with almost 100% success and there have been no problems so far. If you are not satisfied with the package, you can just remove the package and restart your Newton.

This package makes you Newton usable again if you are really angry about this bug.

FixTrax is freeware!!
Win/PC-Version MAC-Version Package-File
Download: FixTrax.zip

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